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Reindeer Hides


Mike and Ann displaying an XXL reindeer hide from Finland.

See another picture showing both front and back of a reindeer hide.

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We offer reindeer skins of different grades and sizes from Finland and Sweden.

Why buy from us? We can import reindeer skins into the U.S. by the container load. We are the source for the best skins available. Furthermore, we are an established company with a long track record of satisfied customers around the world. We hope you will be one, too.

For more information on how the measurements below are derived, click HERE.

Our Gxx codes denote individual reindeer skins. If you would like to order a specific skin, please go to our Gallery of Reindeer Skins to pick the exact one shown. 

Reindeer Hides from Finland

Reindeer hides from Finland are beautiful decorative skins that make gorgeous wall decorations and rugs. The tannery we have bought from for years does the best work in Scandinavia--which does the best work in the world with reindeer hides.  The skins are clean and white on the back. 

The Lapp in northern Finland raise reindeer for food.  They have been doing this for hundreds of years.  The skins are a by-product of the food industry.  Reindeer are not killed just for their hides.

Order Code Description Price
R-33-S-AS Reindeer Hide:Small  
R-33-S-Gxx Reindeer Hide:Small:Gallery See gallery on
R-33-M-AS Reindeer Hide:Medium  
R-33-M-Gxx Reindeer Hide:Medium:Gallery See gallery on
R-33-L-AS Reindeer Hide:Large  
R-33-L-Gxx Reindeer Hide:Large:Gallery See gallery on
R-33-XL-AS Reindeer Hide:X-Large  
R-33-XL-Gxx Reindeer Hide:X-Large:Gallery See gallery on
R-33-XXL-AS Reindeer Hide:XX-Large  
R-33-XXL-Gxx Reindeer Hide:XX-Large:Gallery See gallery on
R-33-XXXL-AS Reindeer Hide:XXX-Large  
R-33-XXXL-Gxx Reindeer Hide:XXX-Large:Gallery See gallery on
R-33-XXXXL-AS Reindeer Hide:XXXX-Large  
R-33-XXXXL-Gxx Reindeer Hide:XXXX-Large:Gallery See gallery on
R-33-WF-AS Reindeer Hide with Feet OUt of Stock
R-33-WF-Gxx Reindeer Hide with Feet:Gallery See gallery on
R-33-W-AS White Reindeer Hide  
R-33-W-Gxx White Reindeer Hide:Gallery See gallery on
R-33-2-Gxx Reindeer Hide:#2 Quality:Gallery NEW! See gallery on

Reindeer Hides from Sweden

Imported from Sweden, these #2 high grade reindeer hides are characterised by bug bites and other minor flaws. They range in size between 44" to 48" long across the middle, the calf hides being generally smaller than adult hides.

The treated reindeer hides have their undersides treated to help protect from wear, water, and salt, so they can be used outdoors.

Order Code Description Price
R-33K-2HC-AS Reindeer Hide:#2 High Grade:Calf:Assorted  
R-33K-2HC-Gxx Reindeer Hide:#2 High Grade:Calf:Gallery See gallery on
R-33K-T2HC-AS Treated Reindeer Hide:#2 High Grade:Calf:Assorted  
R-33K-T2HC-Gxx Treated Reindeer Hide:#2 High Grade:Calf:Gallery See gallery on
R-33K-T2HA-AS Treated Reindeer Hide:#2 Hight Grade:Adult:Assorted  
R-33K-T2HA-Gxx Treated Reindeer Hide:#2 Hight Grade:Adult:Gallery See gallery on

Genus and species:  Rangifer tarandus. Ranch.

Reindeer are not an endangered species. Not subject to CITES.

A USFWS export permit is required for export out of the USA.

Product of Finland or Sweden

Finnish Reindeer Hide - Small

The small skins measure approximately 10 square feet. 

Three skins pulled at random measured as follows:

Length        Rear Hips        Middle          

43              37.5               30.5  
44              39                  31
44              39                  31

Finnish Reindeer Hide - Medium

The medium skins measure approximately 12 square feet. 

Three skins pulled at random measured as follows:

Length        Rear Hips        Middle 

50              44                  32     
49              44                  34     
49              43                  34  

Finnish Reindeer Hide - Large

The large skins measure approximately 15 square feet.  They weigh approximately 4 pounds.

Three skins pulled at random measured as follows:

Length             Rear Hips         Middle

53"                   40"                   31"
54"                   43"                   33"
54"                   44"                   33"

Finnish Reindeer Hide - Extra Large

The x-large skins measure approximately 17 square feet.  

Three skins pulled at random measured as follows:

Length             Rear Hips          Middle

57" (143cm)      46" (115cm)       39" (98cm)
56" (140cm)      44" (110cm)       38" (95cm)
56" (140cm)      44" (110cm)       31" (78cm)

Finnish Reindeer Hide - Extra Extra Large

These are very rare skins.  Out of 20,000 skins each year, only about 40 are XXL.  The xx-large skins measure approximately 19 square feet.  

Three skins pulled at random measured as follows:

Length             Rear Hips         Middle

57" (143cm)      45" (113cm)       46" (115cm)
58" (145cm)      51" (128cm)       40" (100cm)
58" (145cm)      50" (125cm)       36" (90cm)

Finnish Reindeer Hide - Extra Extra Extra Large

These are very rare skins.  Out of 20,000 skins each year, only about 25 are XXXL. The xxx-large skins measure approximately 22 square feet. 

Three skins pulled at random measured as follows:

Length             Rear Hips         Middle

58" (145cm)      46" (115cm)       39" (98cm)
62" (155cm)      49" (123cm)       44" (110cm)
59" (148cm)      44" (110cm)       36" (90cm)

Finnish Reindeer Hide - Extra Extra Extra Extra Large

These are very rare skins.  Out of 20,000 skins each year, only about 15 are XXXXL. The xxxx-large skins measure approximately 24 square feet. 

In general, the skins are at least 150 cm long (60"). 

Three skins pulled at random measured as follows:

Length              Rear Hips        Middle

63" (160cm)       36" (92 cm)       41" (104cm)
64" (162cm)        35" (89 cm)       38" (97cm)
66" (168cm)       33" (84cm)        38" (96cm)

Finnish White Reindeer Hides

These are white reindeer hides.

Three skins pulled at random measured as follows:

Length              Middle

46.5" (118cm)    33" (84cm)
50.25" (128cm)  29" (74cm)
44.5" (113cm)    32.25" (82cm)

Finnish Reindeer Hides with Feet

These are medium size skins with all four legs and hooves attached.  

Approximate sizes are as follows:

Length             Rear Hips          Middle

75" (188cm)      32" (80cm)         26" (65cm)

Care of the Skins

Reindeer (and other members of the deer family) have a hollow hair that will break if walked on or sat upon.  Please do not walk on the hides as you will destroy them over time.  Keep in mind that a 100-pound dog sitting on the skins all of the time will also break hair and cause the skins to shed.  Also, expect a minor degree of shedding over time, especially in the south where it is hot and humid or in a hot room up north.  The skins are ideally mounted on a wall, draped over a rail, or used as a floor covering where they are not walked on.  If they are draped over a couch, expect some shedding from sitting against the skin.  Expect some degree of shedding from hollow-hair hides.  

We do not accept returns on reindeer skins after our standard five-day inspection period.

Cleaning Reindeer Hides

You can clean the reindeer hide once a year with a vacuum cleaner on the lowest power setting or air it out.

We also offer a lanolin-based cleaner called Eucalan.  Click HERE for more information.

Domestic Shipping Information

  The Finnish reindeer hides weigh about 4-6 pounds each.  The shipping cost for one reindeer hide within the U.S. is in the US$8.00 to US$10.00 range, depending on where it's being shipped and the weight/size of the hide.

Overseas Shipping Information

For shipments overseas, we recommend using the U.S. Mail Service's Global Express Mail.  This is the best way to send the reindeer hides and offers a tracking number.  Global Express takes 3 - 5 business days to most countries (not including customs delays).

You can save money by shipping using regular insured air mail, but this takes 1-2 weeks (plus customs delays--which can add up to 3 or 4 weeks) and does not offer a tracking number.  We cannot track these parcels and the U.S. Post Office will not investigate a shipment until at least one month has passed. 

Shipping cost to other European destinations is about the same.  Please see the U.S. Post Office's website at for their postage calculator to determine the cost to your country.  Allow six or seven pounds for the weight of the skin and the box depending on the size of the hide.  Add US$5.00 for insurance, delivery confirmation, etc.

Import Program for Wholesale Customers

Twice a year we import a shipment of reindeer skins from Finland.  We usually firm up orders with a number of customers in early October for shipment in late November or early December and delivery in late December or early January and then again take firm orders in March for shipment in April and delivery in May.  

If you are able to buy at least three boxes (105 reindeer skins) at a time and are able to pre-pay, please contact us for details.

The medium skins come 35 per box.  The boxes are 32" x 31" x 47" and can only be shipped by truck.  Each box weighs approximately 100 pounds.  The large reindeer skins come 30 per box.

Container Load Shipments of Medium Size Reindeer

We can drop ship container load shipments directly from the tannery in Finland.  Click HERE for more information.

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