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Reindeer Skins by the Container Load

We offer medium size reindeer skins (hair on) by the container load directly from the tannery in Finland.  The skins are packed in boxes of 35 pieces each and are all first quality.  Approximately 1,000 skins fit in one 20-foot container

The slaughter season starts in October and runs until November.  The first skins of the season are usually ready for shipment in December with other delivery dates possible throughout the year.  Orders must be booked in advance.

For further information, please call Paul Crosby in our Toronto headquarters at +1.416.232.0376 or write to                                                 

Order Code Description    Price Each
R-33-MT Medium Reindeer Skins by the Container Load Call or write


Genus and species: Rangifer tarandus.  Ranch Raised.


Reindeer are not an endangered species.


Product of Finland