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CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.  This is an international treaty that controls the trading in endangered species of all types of life:  animals, trees, plants, bugs, etc.

There are three levels of control:

CITES Appendix I prohibits the international commercial trading of species (e.g., pandas, eagles);

CITES Appendix II monitors the international trade in species generally considered to be under threat worldwide (e.g., otters, wolverine, bears);

CITES Appendix III controls the international trade in a species because one or more treaty members has expressed concern about a species (e.g., Ghana wants to monitor the trade in the west African crested porcupine).

See for the official CITES website.

Chichester, Inc., generally does not export species covered under CITES because of the extensive paperwork required to obtain a permit both in the United States and in the importing country, the long delays involved (up to six months), and the high costs.

We support the work of CITES and believe in its mission.  We only trade in legally acquired items and strictly observe the law.