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Common Snapping Turtle Shells

See the bottom of the carapace and a size comparison with a soda can.

See the bottom of the shell with plastron.

We do not sell live turtles.

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The common snapping turtle shells are sorted by size and by whether they have plastrons (bottom plates).

Order Code Description Price
R-229-0508 Common Snapping Turtle Shells:5"-8" Buy on
R-229-0812 Common Snapping Turtle Shells:8"-12"
R-229-12+ Common Snapping Turtle Shells:12"+
R-229-WP-0508 Common Snapping Turtle Shells with Plastron:5"-8"
R-229-WP-0812 Common Snapping Turtle Shells with Plastron:8"-12"
R-229-WP-12+ Common Snapping Turtle Shells with Plastron:12"+

Genus and species:  Chelydra serpentina. Ranch or Wild.

Common snapping turtles are not on the U.S. Endangered Species List. They are, however, subject to CITES. They were added to CITES Appendix III on November 21, 2016.

Not for export outside of the United States.

These shells are a by-product of the food industry​. The animals are not just killed for their shells.​

Product of the USA

What is the Origin of the Turtle Shells We Sell

We are frequently asked where the turtle shells come from and how they are obtained.  Our hatchling shells come from turtle farms. The other turtle shells come from either ranch or wild turtles. Most of the smaller shells up to 6” to 7” long come from turtle farms where the turtles have died from natural causes at the farm.  The farm saves them for the woman who cleans them for us and then we sell them.  Most of the larger turtle shells come from turtles that are typically trapped in the wild with their meat sold as a delicacy.  The turtles were not killed just for their shells. The ranch turtle shells are very clean compared to the wild turtle shells. We will send an assortment of shells unless you specify you want only ranch or wild shells.

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