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Rabbit Fur Massage Mitts

See a size comparison of the Bunny Brown mitt with a soda can and a side view of one mitt

See a photo of the Unlined Rabbit Fur Massage Mitt with No Thumbs

Top Left to Right: White, Bunny Brown, Black Dyed and Chinchilla
Bottom Left to Right: Natural Blacky Brown, Spotted, Yin/Yang and Rex

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We produce a line of rabbit fur massage mitts using quality rabbit skins.  They are made one-size-fits most and come lined.  

The Spotted mitts are made from white rabbit skins that have natural gray or brown spots. The Yin/Yang mitts are black on one side and white on the other.  They represent the duality of male and female.  The Rex rabbit fur mitts are made using castor (beaver) color rex rabbit--one of the softest natural textures around.  These are truly decadent.

The Bunny Brown mitts are made from Spanish bunny brown rabbit fur. One pair is measured to be 10.50" long, 7" wide across the palm, 6" wide at the bottom and 8" from the top of the thumb to the bottom of the glove. It weighed 0.13 lbs.

We also have Rabbit Fur Massage mitts with no thumbs. The dimensions are similar to the other massage mitts, and they come unlined and only in Black Dyed.

See below for instructions on how to care for your massage mitts.

Order Code Description Price per Pair
R-696-9WH Rabbit Fur Massage Mitts:White US$54.99 See our Assorted Massage Mitts on
R-696-9BB Rabbit Fur Massage Mitts:Bunny Brown US$54.99
R-696-9BD Rabbit Fur Massage Mitts:Black Dyed US$54.99
R-696-9BR Rabbit Fur Massage Mitts:Natural Blacky Brown US$54.99
R-696-9CH Rabbit Fur Massage Mitts:Chinchilla US$54.99
R-696-9SP Rabbit Fur Massage Mitts:Spotted US$54.99
R-696-9YY Rabbit Fur Massage Mitts:Yin/Yang US$54.99
R-696-9RX Rabbit Fur Massage Mitts:Rex Rabbit out of stock indefinitely US$157.50
R-696-9NTULBD Rabbit Fur Massage Mitts:No Thumb Unlined:Black Dyed NEW! US$34.99

Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus.  Ranch.

Rabbits are not endangered and are not subject to CITES or USFWS.

There are no export controls for this item.

Made in Morocco
Rex rabbit fur mitts are Made in China

Care Instructions

Do not use oils with the fur massage mitts or you will have a mess.

Do not dry clean the rabbit skins as the dry cleaning process will remove the natural oils from the rabbit skin.

Do not immerse in water or the mitt will shrink. Spot clean with Eucalan™ Wool Wash.

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