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Iroquois Cow Bone Bracelets

Top: Three-Row Bracelet; Bottom: Five-Row Bracelet

This traditional Iroquois bone jewelry is made with bone hairpipe, brass and glass beads.  The deerskin lacing strap is adjustable to any size wrist. The Three-Row Bracelet is available in tan or black lacing.  The Five-Row Bracelet is only available in tan lacing.

These are made by Iroquois women on the Six Nations Reservation in Ontario, Canada.  The colors vary, so please let us know if you have a color preference.  We can let you know whether your choice is in stock.

Order Code  Description Price
R-80-101 Iroquois Three-Row Cow Bone Bracelet US$36.75
R-80-201 Iroquois Five-Row Cow Bone Bracelet US$47.25

Genus and species (deerskin): Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

Native-Assembled in Canada

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