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Native American-Made Jewelry

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Huron Beaver Paw Necklaces


 Assorted Iroquois Necklaces

Iroquois Bone and Horn Necklaces and Chokers

Iroquois Chevron Earrings

Iroquois Claw & Tooth Necklaces

Iroquois Bone Bracelets

Iroquois Fetish Earrings

Iroquois Hair Accessories




Mohawk Breastplate Choker

Mohawk Claw Necklaces

Mohawk Feather Necklaces


Navajo Dream Catcher Necklaces


Assorted Ojibwa Necklaces

Ojibwa Beaded Hairclip

Ojibwa Beaver Lady Necklaces

Ojibwa Corn & Quill Necklaces

Ojibwa Rosette Necklaces

Ojibwa War Drum Pendant Necklaces