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Horse Tails

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We offer two types of horse tails:


1) de-boned, scraped, washed, and dried

    Click HERE for a close up picture of a dried tail.


2) scraped, de-boned, washed, and tanned.

    Click HERE for a close up picture of a tanned tail.  


The first 6" or so at the base of the tail where it attached to the body is quite hard and stiff.  On the tanned horse tails, this part is a little softer and more flexible than on the dried horse tails. This part of the tail is about 3-4" wide. 

The regular horse tails are 39" or longer and can be as long as 51".  They come in different colors, predominantly black with a little brown.  There are a few blonde ones, as well as some salt & pepper colored.  The multi-colored tails are usually a combination of brown, red, and blond.

The short horse tails are under 39" long. We do not sort by color for the short tails.

Native Americans use them as hair on their False Face Masks.  They are also used on carousel horses and Halloween costumes.

We do not recommend attempting to tan the dried tails by yourself.  Please note that although the tails have been deboned, there may be small pieces of bone buried deep inside the tail.

Do NOT comb when just removed from hot water or the hair may fall out.

Order Code Description:Scraped and Dried Price
R-18-06-BK Dried Horse Tail:Black Buy on
R-18-06-BKR Dried Horse Tail:Black with Red
R-18-06-BLB Dried Horse Tail:Blonde & Black
R-18-06-BLR Dried Horse Tail:Blonde & Red
R-18-06-BRB Dried Horse Tail:Brown & Black
R-18-06-MC Dried Horse Tail:Multi-Colored (Red, black, and brown)
R-18-06-RBK Dried Horse Tail:Red with Black
R-18-06-RD Dried Horse Tail:Red
R-18-06-SP Dried Horse Tail:Salt & Pepper
R-18-06-BL Dried Horse Tail:Blonde
R-18-06-WBL Dried Horse Tail:White Blonde
R-18-06-Gxx Dried Horse Tail:Gallery (Various Colors)

Order Code


R-18-06T-BK Tanned Horse Tail:Black
R-18-06T-BLB Tanned Horse Tail:Blonde & Black
R-18-06T-BRB Tanned Horse Tail:Brown & Black
R-18-06T-DR Tanned Horse Tail:Dark Red
R-18-06T-MC Tanned Horse Tail:Multicolor
R-18-06T-RBK Tanned Horse Tail:Red & Black
R-18-06T-RBL Tanned Horse Tail:Reddish Blonde
R-18-06T-RD Tanned Horse Tail:Red
R-18-06T-SP Tanned Horse Tail:Salt & Pepper
R-18-06T-BL Tanned Horse Tail:Blonde
R-18-06T-WBL Tanned Horse Tail:White Blonde
R-18-06T-Gxx Tanned Horse Tail:Gallery (Various Colors)

Order Code

Description:Scraped and Dried SHORT

R-18-06-SHORT-AS Short Dried Horse Tail:Assorted Colors
Colors in stock: 12 black, 8 black w/red, 1 brown & black

Genus and species: Equus caballus. Ranch.

Horses are not an endangered species.  No horses are killed just for the tails.  They are not subject to CITES or USFWS controls. 


We also bundled horse hair.  Click HERE to go to the Horse Hair page.


We do not recommend that the DRIED horse tails be exported to Japan and Italy.  We had a shipment destroyed by Japanese customs in November 2005.  Japan is notorious for rigid customs rules.  We had a shipment returned by Italian customs in March 2013.  We cannot get a veterinary certificate for dried horse tails.  You may have greater success getting tanned tails through customs in general. 


Scraped and Dried Tails are a Product of Hungary
Tanned Tails are a Product of Hungary

Color Chart

Please note that there are ranges within in each color. These are just samples to give you an idea of what you might get if you order a certain color.

Black horse tail

Blonde & Black horse tail

Brown & Black horse tail

Salt & Pepper horse tail. 
Some have less white or blond in them.

Red horse tail.
Some tails are more strawberry red than this one.

Multi-Colored horse tail


Red & Black horse tail (tanned)

Blonde horse tail

White Blonde horse tail

Reddish Blonde horse tail

Brown & Black horse tail

Red with Black horse tail

A Note on Shipping Weights

The horse tails weigh approximately one pound each.  To calculate shipping costs for 1-10 tails, allow 1 to 2 pounds extra for the weight of the box.  For more than 10 horse tails a heavier box is required, so allow 2-3 pounds extra for the weight of the box.