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Carp Skins

Front (left) and Back (right) sides of the Natural Carp Skin

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Carp leather is soft and pliable and have a distinctive fish scale pattern, which makes them look unique from other leathers.

We have a limited supply of natural Common Carp skins.  No dye or finish has been applied.  They are a creamy white color and have no scales.  The skins measure 16" to 20" (40 to 50 cm) long, 4" to 6" (10 to 15 cm) on the widest end, and 2" (5 cm) on the narrowest or tail end. 

The dyed Crucian Carp skins come in a glazed or suede finish. Glazing adds a protectant to the outside surface of the leather. The glazed leather surface will be water-resistant and protect against dirt, grease, and excessive wear. The skins measured down the middle are approximately 16" to 21" long by 3.5" to 4.5" wide.

Fish leather can be used to make shoes, handbags, belts, hats, wallets, and many other apparel and accessory items. It may also be used for jewellery and book binding.

Order Code  Description   Price
R-870-4N  Carp Leather:Natural Buy on
R-870-4G-02A Glazed Carp Leather:Medium Chocolate
R-870-4G-02C Glazed Carp Leather:Dark Brown
R-870-4G-03 Glazed Carp Leather:Sea Urchin
R-870-4G-04 Glazed Carp Leather:Black
R-870-4G-05 Glazed Carp Leather:Jaguar Green
R-870-4G-06 Glazed Carp Leather:Scarlet
R-870-4G-11 Glazed Carp Leather:Sunrise
R-870-4G-13 Glazed Carp Leather:Mermaid Green
R-870-4G-14B Glazed Carp Leather:Dark Gray
R-870-4G-24 Glazed Carp Leather:Seafoam
R-870-4G-26 Glazed Carp Leather:Pink Mauve
R-870-4G-26A Glazed Carp Leather:Dark Mauve
R-870-4G-28 Glazed Carp Leather:Deep Blue Lagoon
R-870-4G-30 Glazed Carp Leather:White
R-870-4G-42 Glazed Carp Leather:Purple
R-870-4S-02 Suede Carp Leather:Light Chocolate
R-870-4S-02A Suede Carp Leather:Medium Chocolate
R-870-4S-02B Suede Carp Leather:Medium Brown
R-870-4S-03 Suede Carp Leather:Sea Urchin
R-870-4S-04 Suede Carp Leather:Black
R-870-4S-07 Suede Carp Leather:Demerara
R-870-4S-07A Suede Carp Leather:Dark Demerara
R-870-4S-08 Suede Carp Leather:Seaweed
R-870-4S-10 Suede Carp Leather:Magenta
R-870-4S-11 Suede Carp Leather:Sunrise
R-870-4S-13 Suede Carp Leather:Mermaid Green
R-870-4S-14A Suede Carp Leather:Gray
R-870-4S-14C Suede Carp Leather:Off-Gray
R-870-4S-15 Suede Carp Leather:Coral
R-870-4S-16 Suede Carp Leather:Royal Blue
R-870-4S-19 Suede Carp Leather:Faded Blue Denim
R-870-4S-20 Suede Carp Leather:Light Driftwood
R-870-4S-20A Suede Carp Leather:Dark Driftwood
R-870-4S-21 Suede Carp Leather:Shrimp Cocktail
R-870-4S-22 Suede Carp Leather:Sahara
R-870-4S-27 Suede Carp Leather:Goldfish
R-870-4S-28 Suede Carp Leather:Deep Blue Lagoon
R-870-4S-30 Suede Carp Leather:White
R-870-4S-31 Suede Carp Leather:Ebony Mist
R-870-4S-32 Suede Carp Leather:Light Brown/Gray
R-870-4S-42 Suede Carp Leather:Purple
R-870-4S-46 Suede Carp Leather:Mediterranean Blue
R-870-4S-49 Suede Carp Leather:Very Light Green
R-870-4S-52 Suede Carp Leather:Lavender
R-870-4S-53 Suede Carp Leather:Rose

Genus and species (Common Carp): Cyprinus carpio. Wild.

Genus and species (Crucian Carp): Carassius carassius. Ranch.

Carp are not an endangered species and are not subject to CITES controls. The glazed and suede tanned fish skins come from canneries that would otherwise have been thrown back into the water as waste products.

USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA.

Common Carp (Natural): Product of the USA
Crucian Carp (Glazed and Suede): Product of the USA, Tanned in Canada