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Tibet Lamb Plates

From left to right: Mauve, Black, Silver, Burgundy, and Medium Blonde

See the back of the plate and other pictures below.

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The Tibet Lambskin Plates measure approximately 22" by 45".  They are not perfect rectangles.  The hair is approximately 6" to 7" in length, but can be as short as 4"-5".  Each plate weighs between 1.5 to 2 pounds.  The short-hair plates have 2" to 4" long hair.  They are available in natural white, bleached white, and a variety of dyed colors. The plates make ideal rugs and are used for making dolls, Teddy Bears, and pillows.  

We also offer Tibet Lamb half plates made from our full-length plates in select colors. They measure 23" by 20.5" and weigh 0.7 lbs. The fur length is approximately 4" to 6" long.

As of March 2015, we offer two kinds of natural white Tibet lamb plates.  The natural white plates we have offered before (R-167-A050) are now called NATURAL WHITE (BRIGHTENED) because the skins have been washed more thoroughly, selected for clearer color, and have undergone a one-minute bleaching process to produce a light uptone.  The natural white plates that have not been brightened are called NATURAL WHITE (CREAMY) and are more creamy in color.  The creamy white plates are what is commonly available on the market.  The BLEACHED WHITE plates have been bleached to a bright white color.

We have three sets of codes for our colors because we used to get sample books from our supplier.  The first column is the original codes that we use.  Then, our supplier changed the codes and colors to create a completely new sample book with codes starting with HQ. We have tried to match the new sample book codes to our old sample book codes. Those marked with an * are not an exact color match but is the closest match we can find. Click HERE to see a PDF of a legend to show which codes in Sample Book 1 correspond to Sample Book 2.  Unfortunately, both sample books have been discontinued.  As of February 2012, we are using the six-digit Pantone Fashion and Home color system for communicating colors between customers and the factory in China. Full reference books or color chip cards are available from Pantone. The main website is

Please note that colors may vary slightly with each dye lot.

While we may supply the Doll-Hair market, please note we supply Tibet Lamb PLATES, not Hair.  Please advise of any specific requirements when ordering but if you do not believe the plate will meet your needs, you must notify us upon receipt before cutting or altering in any way.

See a gallery of flawed long-hair and short-hair plates that we have discounted.

Our Code HQ Code Pantone Description Price Each  
R-167-A050 HQ1054   Tibet Lamb Plate:Natural White (Brightened) Picture US$316.67  
R-167-A05C     Tibet Lamb Plate:Natural White (Creamy) Picture US$316.67  
R-167-A049 HQ1055   Tibet Lamb Plate:Bleached White Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A05S HQ1054   Tibet Lamb Plate:Natural White (Brightened) 4" Tight Curl (special sort) Picture US$316.67  
R-167-A05S34     Tibet Lamb Plate:Natural White (Brightened) 3"-4" Tight Curl (special sort) Picture US$316.67  
R-167-A05S4     Tibet Lamb Plate:Natural White (Brightened) 4"-4.5" Tight Curl (special sort) Picture US$316.67  
R-167-A05S45     Tibet Lamb Plate:Natural White (Brightened) 4.5"-5" Tight Curl (special sort) Picture US$316.67  
R-167-A026 HQ1026   Tibet Lamb Plate:Black Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A011 HQ1005* 12-1605TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Baby Pink Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A041 HQ1047 19-3928TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Navy Blue Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A047 HQ1016* 16-1257TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Orange Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A057 HQ1029* 18-1655TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Cardinal Red Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A020 HQ1001 12-0605TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Buttery Cream Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A080 HQ1046* 19-1012TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Chocolate Brown Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A001 HQ1022 18-1660TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Fire Red Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A002 HQ1029* 19-1664TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Red Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A003 HQ1023, HQ1031 19-1934 Tibet Lamb Plate:Burgundy Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A009 HQ1032* 18-2438 Tibet Lamb Plate:Fuchsia/Pink Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A012 HQ1005*, HQ1009* 15-1717TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Light Pink Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A015 HQ1067 19-3712 Tibet Lamb Plate:Purple Black Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A016 HQ1042 18-3520TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Deep Lavender Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A018 HQ1066* 13-0535TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Lime Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A019 HQ1004* 15-1220TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Beige Blonde Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A021 HQ1085* 19-1250TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Dark Auburn Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A033 HQ1051 18-6330TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Emerald Green Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A037 HQ1050 17-4730TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Turquoise Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A045 HQ1015 13-0746TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Bright Yellow Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A048 HQ1019* 16-1361TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Bright Orange Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A052 no match 16-4834TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Bright Turquoise Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A055 HQ1045 18-4728TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Teal Blue Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A059   15-4707TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Baby Blue Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A060 HQ1003 12-0704TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Blonde Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A063   16-1450 Tibet Lamb Plate:Rusty Orange Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A065 HQ1037 17-0207TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Silver Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A068 HQ1076 17-1328TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Tan/Brown Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A070 HQ1071 18-4244TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Royal Blue Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A074 HQ1038 18-4105TPX
Tibet Lamb Plate:Gunmetal Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A075 N/A
Tibet Lamb Plate:Sandy Brown Picture of Pantone 19-1241, Picture of Pantone 17-1336TPX US$341.51  
R-167-A078 HQ1063 18-5620TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Teal Pine Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A081 HQ1010 11-0205TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Blonde Ambition Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A082 HQ1070 16-1328TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Pale Rust Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A083   14-3907TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Bluish Lilac Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A084 N/A
Tibet Lamb Plate:Medium Blonde Picture of Pantone 13-0932, Picture of Pantone 14-1038TPX US$341.51  
R-167-A088 HQ1066* 17-0336TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Lime Green Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A089 HQ1056* 16-3521TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Mauve Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A090 HQ1007 13-1406TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Cotton Candy Pink Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A092 HQ1083   Tibet Lamb Plate:Purple Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A093 HQ1078* 16-1010TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Beige Picture US$341.51  
R-167-A095 no match 19-3223TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Violet/Purple Picture US$341.51  
R-167-HQ1039   19-3915TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Gray Purple Picture US$341.51  
R-167-HQ1041   14-4306TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Gray Blue Picture US$341.51  
R-167-HQ1059   13-3405TCX Tibet Lamb Plate:Pinkish Lilac Picture US$341.51  
R-167-HQ1064   16-2107TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Ashes of Rose Picture US$341.51  
R-167-HQ1077   17-1623TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Dark Rose Picture US$341.51  
R-167-HQ1079   16-1054TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Mustard  Picture US$341.51  
R-167-HQ1084   15-6304 TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Medium Gray Picture US$341.51  
R-167-P120000   12-0000 Tibet Lamb Plate:White Swan Picture US$341.51  
R-167-P144810   14-4810 TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Aquamarine Picture US$341.51  
R-167-P160207   16-0207 Tibet Lamb Plate:London Fog Picture NEW! US$341.51  
R-167-P174402   17-4402 Tibet Lamb Plate:Neutral Gray Picture US$341.51  
See a color chart of the Single Color Tibet lamb plates below.
Our Code HQ Code Pantone Description Price Each  
R-167-B010 HQ2036*, HQ2045* 17-1040TPX & 11-4201TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Mustard Snowtop Picture US$294.94  
R-167-B013 HQ2009* 12-0710TPX & 11-4201TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Santa Beard Snowtop Picture US$353.93  
R-167-B014 HQ2005 19-4007TPX & 13-0002TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Black Snowtop Picture US$353.93  
R-167-B032 HQ2035 15-1816TPX & 11-4301TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Pink Snowtop Picture US$353.93  
R-167-B051 HQ2048* 19-1230TPX & 11-4800TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Dark Brown Snowtop Picture US$353.93  
R-167-B1084   15-6304 TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Medium Gray Snowtop Picture US$353.93  
See a color chart of the Snowtop Tibet lamb plates below.
Our Code HQ Code Pantone Description Price Each  
R-167-C001 HQ3006 19-4007TPX & 19-4049TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Black With Blue Tips Picture US$366.35  
R-167-C002 HQ3019* 19-1102TPX & 17-2627TPX Tibet Lamb Plate:Dark Brown With Hot Pink Tips Picture US$294.94  
See a color chart of the Two Tone Tibet lamb plates below.
Our Code Description 1-11  
R-169-A050 Short-Hair Tibet Lamb Plate:Natural White Picture US$434.65  
R-169-A049 Short-Hair Tibet Lamb Plate:Bleached White Picture US$546.41  
See a color chart of the Short-Hair Tibet lamb plates below.
Our Code Description Price Each
R-167H-A050 Long-Hair Tibet Lamb Half Plate:Natural White US$263.89
R-167H-A026 Long-Hair Tibet Lamb Half Plate:Dyed Black US$284.59
See photos of our Long-Hair Tibet lamb half plates below.

Genus and species: Ovis aries. Ranch.

Tibet lamb are not an endangered species.  The skins are a by-product of the food industry--the animals are not killed just for their hides.

Product of China

Color Chart for Single Color Tibet Lamb Plates

R-167-A050 Natural White (Brightened)

See a picture of natural vs. bleached white.

R-167-A049  Bleached White

See a picture of natural vs. bleached white.

R-167-A026  Dyed Black

Comparison of black 167-A026 (left) and purple black 167-A015 (right).

R-167-A001 Fire Red

See the back of the plate.

R-167-A002 Red

R-167-A003 Burgundy

R-167-A009 Fuchsia/Pink

R-167-A011 Baby Pink

R-167-A012 Light Pink

R-167-A015 Purple Black

Comparison of black 167-A026 (left) and purple black 167-A015 (right).

R-167-A016 Deep Lavender

There are currently two different shades of the Deep Lavender.

R-167-A018 Lime

R-167-A019 Beige Blonde

R-167-A020 Buttery Cream

R-167-A021 Dark Auburn

R-167-A033 Emerald Green

R-167-A037 Turquoise

R-167-A041 Navy Blue

R-167-A045 Bright Yellow

R-167-A047 Orange

R-167-A048 Bright Orange

R-167-A052 Bright Turquoise

R-167-A055 Teal Blue

R-167-A057 Cardinal Red

R-167-A059 Baby Blue

R-167-A060 Blonde

See the back of the plate.

R-167-A063 Rusty Orange

R-167-A05C Natural Creamy White

See a comparison of White (A050) and Creamy (A05C).

R-167-A065 Silver

See the back of the plate.

Although it is difficult to tell from the pictures, the Silver is lighter than the Gunmetal (167-A074).

R-167-A068 Tan/Brown

R-167-A070 Royal Blue

See the back of the plate.

R-167-A074 Gunmetal

Although it is difficult to tell from the pictures, the Silver (167-A065) is lighter than the Gunmetal.

R-167-A075  Sandy Brown

R-167-A078 Teal Pine

See the back of the plate.

R-167-A080 Chocolate Brown

R-167-A081 Blonde Ambition

R-167-A082 Pale Rust

R-167-A083 Bluish Lilac

R-167-A084 Medium Blonde

R-167-A088 Lime Green

R-167-A089 Mauve

R-167-A090 Cotton Candy Pink

R-167-A092 Purple

R-167-A093 Beige

R-167-A095 Violet/Purple


R-167-HQ1039 Gray Purple

R-167-HQ1041 Gray Blue

R-167-HQ1059 Pinkish Lilac

R-167-HQ1064 Ashes of Roses

R-167-HQ1077 Dark Rose

R-167-HQ1079 Mustard

See the back of the plate.

R-167-P120000 White Swan

R-167-P144810 Aquamarine

R-167-P160207 London Fog

Color Chart for Snowtop Tibet Lamb Plates

R-167-B010 Mustard Snowtop

R-167-B013 Santa Beard Snowtop

R-167-B014 Black Tipped with White

See the back of the plate.

R-167-B032 Pink Snowtop

R-167-B051 Dark Brown Snowtop


Color Chart for 2-Tone Tibet Lamb Plates

R-167-C001 2 Tone Black & Blue

R-167-C002 2 Tone Black & Hot Pink


Color Chart for Short Hair Tibet Lamb Plates

R-169-A049 Short-Hair Bleached White

R-169-A050 Short-Hair Natural White

Pictures of Tibet Lamb Half Plates

See a size comparison of the backside with a soda can and a close up

R-167H-A050 Natural White



More Pictures

This is the back of the plate.  There are seams.

See a close up of the hair.

This picture shows from left to right: Natural White (R-167-A050), Buttery Cream (R-167-A020), and Blonde Ambition (R-167-A081).

Bleached White (R-167-A049) vs. Creamy Natural White (R-167-A05C) vs. Brightened Natural White (R-167-A050)


Nadia from California wrote: Hi, Just received skins, and they are gorgeous :D. Thanks! (April 2013)

Carrie from England wrote: OMG !!! ITS WONDERFUL !!! Its arrived .. Its long , fantastic quality and PERFECT !! (May 2013)

Washing Instructions for Tibet Lambskins

Do not wash in water or dry clean the skins as it will remove the natural oils from the skin.  For cleaning instructions and Eucalan™ Wool Wash, please click HERE.  The skins are color fast so the dyes will not wash off.

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