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Lambskins & Sheepskins

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Australian Sheepskins

Australian Sheepskin "Bear" Rugs

Australian Sheepskin "Leopard" Rugs

Broadtail Lamb (NZ)

Broadtail/Karakul (Eurasia)

Curly Lambskins

Hungarian Lambskins 

Hungarian Racka Sheepskins

Icelandic Sheepskins

Kalgan Lamb Plates

Lamb Slink

Medical Sheepskins

Merino Lambskins

Mongolian Lamb Skins


Pearl Lamb Plates

Romanian Sheepskins Sheepskin Shearling

Tibet Lamb

U.K. Sheepskins

Panofix Skins

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the hair on the sheepskins and lambskins listed above?

The Australian Lambskins have a pile and hair length of about 2" to 2.5".

The Hungarian Lambskins have a pile of 1" high and a hair length of about 2".

The Broadtail Lamb have a beautiful, tight curl.

The Icelandic Longhaired Sheepskins have the hair that is 4" to 6" in length.

The Icelandic Shearling that we stock has very soft hair that has been sheared to 3/4".  Other lengths are available.

The Tibet Lamb has long, fluffy, soft, kinky hair that is approximately 3" in length.

The Mongolian Lamb has curly/wavy hair that is 2" in length.

The Kalgan Lamb has short curly hair.

The Pearl Lamb plates have very short hair (~1/4"), very tightly curled hair that looks sheared.

The Medical Sheepskin has wool that is ~1.2" long and is very dense.

The U.K. Sheepskins wool is soft and silky and measures 3 to 6 cm (~1.2" to 2.4") long.