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Squirrel Tails

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We offer an assortment of squirrel tails, both dyed and natural, which are great for craft projects.  These are hand-selected prime tails. They can also be used for fly-tying. They measure 8 to 12" (20 to 30.5 cm) in length and are about 2" (5 cm) wide.

Weight: 0.3 oz.

Natural Squirrel Tails

Order Code Description Price
R-162-219 Squirrel Tail: Natural American Gray Buy on
R-162-220 Squirrel Tail: Natural Fox
R-162-221 Squirrel Tail: Natural Pine

Dyed American Gray Squirrel Tails

Order Code Description Price
R-162-006 Squirrel Tail: Yellow Buy on
R-162-012 Squirrel Tail: Orange
R-162-056 Squirrel Tail: Red
R-162-072 Squirrel Tail: Green
R-162-082 Squirrel Tail: Blue
R-162-100 Squirrel Tail: Black
R-162-509 Squirrel Tail: Fluorescent Chartreuse

Genus & Species of American Gray Squirrels: Sciurus carolinensis.
Genus & Species of Fox Squirrels: Sciurus niger.
Genus & Species of Red Canadian Pine Squirrel: Tamiasciurus hudsonicus.

USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA.

Product of Canada or the USA

Color Chart

Natural Gray
Code: R-162-219

Natural Fox
Code: R-162-220

Code: R-162-006

Code: R-162-012

Code: R-162-056 

Code: R-162-072 

Code: R-162-082

Code: R-162-100

Fl. Chartreuse
Code: R-162-509

Natural Pine
Code: R-162-221



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