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Shark Teeth Fossil Packs

Left: 561-200 Fossil Shark Pack

Right: 561-201 Fossil Shark Teeth and Pieces Pack

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These 3"x5" fossil packs come with and assortment fossil sharks' teeth and and a jaw.

These 4"x3.25" souvenir packs contain different types of fossil shark teeth and pieces. They come in bags of fossil soft fin mako shark teeth, bull shark teeth, tiger shark teeth, or fossile shark jaw pieces. You will get an assortment as we do not sort by type.

Code   Description  Price
R-561-200 Fossil Pack: 3"x5" Buy on
R-561-201 Fossil Shark Teeth and Pieces Pack:4"x3.25" NEW!

These cannot be exported outside of the United States.

Mako sharks are subject to CITES II and are not for export outside of the United States.

561-200 contains fossils from Morocco, the Philippines, and the USA
561-201 is Unknown Country of Origin

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