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Shark Bones

6" to 10" long Mako Shark Spinal Column

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The shark vertebrae are approximately 0.5" to 1" wide. They weigh approximately 0.20 to 0.34 pounds each. As these are natural items, each piece is slightly different.

Order Code Description Price
R-561-400-0206 Mako Shark Vertebrae Spinal Column:2"-6" (only 1"-3" left in stock as of July 2023) Buy on
R-561-400-0610 Mako Shark Vertebrae Spinal Column:6"-10"
R-561-400-1014 Mako Shark Vertebrae Spinal Column:10"-14"
R-561-400-1416 Mako Shark Vertebrae Spinal Column:14"-16"

Genus and species of Mako Shark: Isurus oxyrinchus. Wild.

Mako sharks are subject to CITES II and are not for export outside of the United States.

Product of Mexico

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