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Scrap Fur

We deal in a variety of scrap fur.  Click on the boxes below for pictures, prices, and more information on each type of fur scrap.  Use your BACK button to return to this page.

Fox Scrap

Arctic Fox Scrap

Blue Fox Scrap

Red Fox Scrap

Shadow Fox Scrap

Silver Fox Scrap  

Sheepskin and Lambskin Scrap

Australian Sheepskin Shearling Scrap

Icelandic Longhaired Sheepskin Scrap

Tibet Lamb Scrap

Wild Fur Scrap

Badger Fur Scrap

Beaver Fur Scrap

Black Bear Fur Scrap

Coyote Fur Scrap

Muskrat Fur Scrap

Opossum Fur Scrap

Raccoon Fur Scrap

Skunk Fur Scrap

Springbok Fur Scrap

Domesticated or Ranch Raised Fur and Hide Scrap

Buffalo Hide Scrap

Cow Hide Scrap

Goat Scrap

Horse Hide Scrap

Mink Scrap

Reindeer Hide Scrap

Other Fur Scrap

Mixed Fur Scrap

Old Garment Fur Scrap