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Blue Fox Fur Scrap

See reverse and a size comparison with a soda can.

This scrap does NOT contain faces and tails:  these are sold separately.  The scrap is all natural colors (i.e., not dyed). Our supplies are limited.  Blue fox is ranch raised white fox. The scrap are approximately 22" to 28" long by 3" to 6" wide. Each piece weighs 0.6 to 0.16 lbs.

Note: The scrap is not suitable for making your own parka collars unless you want to piece together pieces.  This is scrap.  We often get calls from people wanting a piece of "scrap" that is 4" wide and 40" long.  A piece like this is not scrap.

Order Code Description Price per Pound
R-331-21 Blue Fox Fur Scrap US$42.00 per pound

Genus and species: Vulpes lagopus.  Ranch raised.

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Product of Finland