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Ojibwa Birchbark Tee Pees

Left:  2", 3", and 5" Tee-Pees; Right: Tee-Pee Village

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The tee-pees are made by the Ojibwa in Ontario, Canada.  They are made with birchbark.  The 3" and 5" tee-pees are trimmed with porcupine quills.

The tee-pee village is trimmed with sweetgrass for a natural aroma.

Order Code Description Price
R-13-2 2" Tee-Pee US$18.90
R-13-3 3" Tee-Pee US$31.50
R-13-5 5" Tee-Pee US$39.98
R-13-35 5" Tee-Pee Village US$141.75

Genus and species of birchbark: Betula papyrifera. Wild.
Genus and species of quill trim: Erethizon dorsatum. Wild.

Native Made in Canada

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