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Ojibwa Birchbark Canoes

Left: ~14", ~10" and ~5" Birchbark Canoes; Right: ~3" Birchbark Canoe with Hanger

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These are real birchbark canoes made by Native Americans in Ontario, Canada.  The sizes given below are approximate.  Given that they are handmade they can be slightly bigger or smaller and the designs can vary depending on the artist. The larger canoes are rimmed with cedar wood, while the smaller canoes are trimmed with sweetgrass. They are either stitched with thread or raffia (usually the smaller ones have thread, and the larger ones have raffia), and most are decorated with dyed porcupine quills. Some smaller canoes may not have quills.

For the 12" canoe, it is 2.5" wide at the middle and 3.5" high on each end.   The 14" canoe is 2.75" wide at the middle.  The 18" canoe is 3" wide at the middle.

Order Code Description Price
R-10-1.5-AS ~1.5" Birchbark Canoe Buy on
R-10-2-AS ~2" Birchbark Canoe
R-10-3-AS ~3" Birchbark Canoe
R-10-4-AS ~4" Birchbark Canoe
R-10-5-AS ~5" Birchbark Canoe
R-10-8-AS ~8" Birchbark Canoe
R-10-10-AS ~10" Birchbark Canoe
R-10-12-AS ~12" Birchbark Canoe
R-10-14-AS ~14" Birchbark Canoe
R-10-18-AS ~18" Birchbark Canoe

We can also string the birchbark canoes with a hanger for use as holiday or Christmas ornaments. For the ~3" canoe with hanger, it is 3" long, 1" wide and weighs 0.1 oz. (4 grams).

Order Code Description Price
R-10-3H ~3" Birchbark Canoe with Hanger Buy on

Genus and species of white birchbark: Betula papyrifera. Wild.
Genus and species of quill trim: Erethizon dorsatum. Wild.

A USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA.

 Native Made in Canada

Suggestions on How to Use Birchbark Canoes

One year we made gift baskets for our customers and suppliers using the fancy canoes.  Let your imagination run wild....

These canoes make excellent Christmas tree decorations!

The canoes can be lined with plastic and used for floral decorations.

To make a stand for your canoe, take two small twigs about 3-4" long.  Insert two eye screws into each of the sticks and then use a piece of twine to tie the two sticks together.  Set the canoe between the two sticks.  The twigs will keep the canoe upright.

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