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Realistic Black Bear Tooth Necklaces


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These Realistic Tooth Pendants look so real that they have even fooled conservation officers!  The bear canines are made from quality plastic resin and are hand-painted in the USA.  They come on a 32 deerskin neck strap.  The multi-tooth necklaces have oxidized (antiqued) brass beads and the 1-tooth necklaces have a glass crow bead.

Code Description Price
R-560-201 Realistic Black Bear Necklace:1-Tooth US$10.00
R-560-203 Realistic Black Bear Necklace:3-Tooth US$27.50  
R-560-205 Realistic Black Bear Necklace:5-Tooth US$37.50  
R-560-210 Realistic Black Bear Necklace:10-Tooth US$65.00
R-560-220 Realistic Black Bear Necklace:20-Tooth US$130.00

Non-Native Made in the USA

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