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Moose Antler Palms

See a 14" x 7" palm piece (1.52 lbs.) against a soda can

Left: Whole Moose Antler Palms; Right: Moose Antler Palm Pieces

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We stock a limited number of moose antler palms that are ideal for craft projects.  Imagine a piece of moose antler with the shank and tips or fingers removed.  This is what we have.  The palms are solid antler, ideal for making knife cases, buttons, whistles, or other craft items.  Sizes vary, so we sell this by the pound.  Most pieces weigh between two to five pounds.

We also stock moose antler palm pieces of varying sizes. These are sold by the pound. Most weigh between one to four pounds, and they usually range from 2" to 25" long by 2" to 10" wide by 0.5" to 1" thick.

Order Code Description Price
R-513-10-Gxx Moose Antler Palm:Small (1.00-2.50 lbs) Buy on
R-513-20-Gxx Moose Antler Palm:Large (2.50 pounds and up)
Order Code Description
R-513-PC-LB Moose Antler Palm:Piece (lb)
R-513-PC-Gxx Moose Antler Palm:Piece:Gallery

Genus and species:  Alces alces. Wild.

Moose are not an endangered species and are not subject to CITES.

Product of Canada or the USA

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