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Leather Wristbands and Bracelets


See a size comparison of the Mystery Braid bracelets with a soda can and the various colors available

See a size comparison of the Medium and the Narrow wristbands with a quarter

Left to Right: Mystery Braid Bracelet, Medium Wristband, and Narrow Wristband

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The mystery braid bracelets are 8.5" long and come with pre-attached snaps.  They are made using smooth cowhide and come in assorted colors. Each pack has two different color bracelets. Let us know if you have any color preference.  Instructions on how to braid are included.

The medium wristbands measure 1.25" wide and 8" to 9" long. The narrow wristbands measure 0.75" wide and 7" to 9" long. They come with instructions. They can be stamped, carved, and dyed.

Order Code Description  Price
R-469-4136 Leather Mystery Braid Bracelet Buy on
R-469-4138 Leather Wristband:Medium
R-469-4140 Leather Wristband:Narrow

Genus and species: Bos taurus.  Ranch.

Wristbands are Made in Mexico
Mystery Braid Bracelets are Made in the USA

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