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Click on the links below for pictures, prices, and more information on each category.  (Deersplit Leather bundles are shown above.)

Read about the different Types of Leather.

Here is a Leather Thickness Conversion Chart that converts ounces to millimeters.

Deer Skin Leather

Garment Deerskin Leather

Deerskin Leather #1/#2

Craft Deerskin Leather

Deer Split Leather

Garment Deersplit Leather

#1/#2 Quality Deersplit Leather

Craft Deersplit Leather

Smoked Leather Hides

Smoked Caribou

Smoked Deer

Smoked Elk

Smoked Moosehide



Cow Leather

Automotive Upholstery Leather

Cow Suede Strips

Cow Suede Trim Pieces

Cow Handbag Leather

Deertan Trim Pieces (Cow)

Deertanned Cow Leather

Other Leather

Buffalo Leather

Elk Leather

Goat Leather

Horse Leather

Horse Butt Leather

Horse Leather Butt Strips

Kudu Leather

Moose Leather

Musk Ox Leather

Pig Suede Leather

Reindeer Leather

Sheep Leather

Exotic Leather

Cane Toad Leather

Parrot Fish Leather

Rattlesnake Leather

Stingray Leather


Scrap Leather

Leather Scrap