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Icelandic Sheepskin Shearling

Top Left: The front (left) and back (right) of the shearling are shown.

From left to right in first two pictures: Coffee, Sahara (discontinued), Nero, Cognac, Tobacco, Cognac "Light Wool C" (discontinued)

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We have a nice selection of Icelandic sheepskin shearling available. The hair on the Icelandic shearling is about 1/2" in length.  The skins measure approximately 5.5 to 6.75 sq. ft..  One 6.75 sq. ft. hide measured 32" long, 21" across the top, 27" across the middle, and 28" across the bottom.

Nero is jet black. Tobacco is slightly lighter than Coffee. See our color chart below.

A 5.25 sq. ft. Gray shearling is measured to be 35.5" long, 13" across the top, 23" across the middle, 21" across the bottom, and weighed 0.82 lbs.

A 6 sq. ft. Morocco shearling is measured to be 34" long, 17" across the top, 29" across the middle, 23" across the bottom, and weighed 0.92 lbs.

It is double-face shearling, which means that it is used for garments where the front and back is visible.

These Icelandic sheepskin shearling are Eco-tanned without the use of heavy metals.  The exact formulation is a trade-secret but the tanning meets European Union regulations for an environmentally friendly tanning process.

Order Code Description Price per square feet
1-49 50-99 100-499 500+
R-7-50-CFT Icelandic Shearling:Coffee:Suede US$10.88 US$9.78 US$8.71 Call
R-7-50-CGW Icelandic Shearling:Cognac:Suede US$13.45 US$12.11 US$10.75 Call
R-7-50-GYT Icelandic Shearling:Gray:Suede US$15.98 US$14.38 US$12.78 Call
R-7-50-MOT Icelandic Shearling:Morocco:Suede US$15.98 US$14.38 US$12.78 Call
R-7-50-NET Icelandic Shearling:Nero:Suede US$13.40 US$12.07 US$10.73 Call
R-7-50-TOT Icelandic Shearling:Tobacco:Suede US$17.88 US$16.09 US$14.30 Call

Genus and species: Ovis aries.  Ranch raised--domesticated animals.

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Product of Iceland, Tanned in Poland

Color Chart



See the suede side against a square mat

R-7-50-GYT Gray
(5.25 sq. ft.)

See the suede side against a square mat

R-7-50-MOT Morocco
(6 sq. ft.)