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Goat Leather Scrap

Left: 1 lb. of Large goat leather scrap
Right: 1 lb. of Small goat leather scrap

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This is goat leather scrap in 3.0 ounce weight.  Most of it is pearl—a bluish tint from leather that is not dyed.  A small amount is available in tan.  The craft pieces are larger pieces that have blemishes and scratches and are not suited for manufacturing expensive products.
Order Code Description Price
R-398-LB-CR Goat Leather:Craft Grade:Large Pieces Buy on
R-398-LB-CRSM Goat Leather:Craft Grade:Small Pieces

Genus and species:  Capra hircus.  Ranch.

The goatskins are a by-product of the food industry.  These skins are not subject to USFWS export controls.  They are NOT endangered.

Product of the USA

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