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Fur Bed Spreads

Dyed Rabbit Fur Throw

We can make bed spreads out of any fur that your want.  Common furs used for bed spreads are beaver, fox, coyote, and rabbit.  Prices vary depending upon the size of the bed spread, the type and quality of fur used, and market prices at the time.  

Sheared Beaver Blanket

Sheared beaver makes a truly decadent bed spread.  Natural beaver skins have a stiff guard hair that is removed in the shearing process.  The "plucked" beaver has just the soft under fur.  Expect to pay US$6,500 for a queen size sheared beaver blanket.  Click HERE to see a beaver skin.

Fox Fur Blanket

Fox furs can also be used to make nice blankets.  Expect to pay US$165.00 / sq. ft. for a fox fur blanket (based on a minimum size of 4 ft. x 6 ft.).  Therefore, the cost of a king-sized (~6 feet x 7.5 feet) fox fur blanket is US$7,425.00.  The cost of a 5' x 6' throw or blanket is US$4,950.00. To get an idea of color, click HERE to see a blue fox skin or click HERE to see a red fox skin. This pricing applies to blue fox, red fox, and crystal blankets.

Coyote Fur Blanket

We can use heavily furred, good quality coyote skins to make blankets.  The skins will be matched to ensure the best look possible.  Each pelt has a useable area of around 28" long by 10" wide.  This works out to 280 square inches per pelt.  The pelts have a 1"-2" ridge in the middle running the length of the pelt.  

For a 72" by 90" king-size blanket with backing, expect to pay US$4,500.00.  Unless told otherwise, we will piece the skins using rectangles with the back ridge running the length of the bed.  We can use velvet or wool for the backing.  We do not recommend a silk backing because it's not strong enough, it stretches, and unravels easily.  

To get an idea of color, click HERE to see a coyote skin.

Click HERE to see a finished Coyote Fur Blanket, sized 36" x 40".

Also see Testimonial below.

Rabbit Fur Blanket

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Tibet Lamb Blankets

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Ordering Information

The bed spreads are made to order.  You can specify the type of lining used.  All orders must be prepaid.  Please allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for delivery after order confirmation and payment has been received.

All orders for custom work must be prepaid by check or money order.  We do not accept credit cards for custom work.  No work will begin until we have a signed work order on hand and funds have cleared at the bank.  We will use quality skins and do professional work.  Given the nature of custom work, we do not accept returns on these items.

The bed spreads are made by furriers in either the United States or Canada.


"I recently received my coyote throw and am thrilled with it.  It is beautiful and I appreciate the great craftsmanship and service.  Hopefully, my wife will want her own so I won't have to share it."

- E-mail from Dennis in Wisconsin