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Natural Color Fox Faces

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We offer a selection of tanned fox faces.  Do not expect absolutely flawless faces, but don't expect junk either.  These are designed for sale to kids in museum gift shops, at trading posts, for craft projects, and to fly tiers.  If you are looking for flawless faces for craft projects, these may not be for you.  These faces come from natural color foxes, i.e., they are not dyed.

The select grade is the best quality available, with good eyes, ears, and noses. The #1/#2 grade are decent quality faces with few or minor imperfections.  The #3 grade have some tears, bullet holes, rips, or hair slips.

There are three categories of the white fox.  They are all from the same genus and species.  The arctic fox are very difficult to get and are from wild foxes in the Canadian arctic:  they tend to be fairly small.  The blush fox faces are from ranch raised foxes in Finland and have a brown or creamy undertone to them.  Click HERE to see a picture of the blush fox faces.  The shadow fox are a nice white and can be good size.  These are from ranch raised foxes in Finland.

Indigo fox is a cross between a silver and blue fox.  

Order Code   Description Price
R-19-04-01-SEL Fox Face:American Gray Fox:Select Buy on
R-19-04-01-#1/2 Fox Face:American Gray Fox:#1/#2 grade
R-19-04-01-#3 Fox Face:American Gray Fox:#3 grade
R-19-04-BL Fox Face:Blue Fox
R-19-04-CR Fox Face:Cross Fox
R-19-04-05 Fox Face:Crystal
R-19-04-57 Fox Face:Indigo
R-19-04-06-SEL Fox Face:Red Fox:Select
R-19-04-06-#1/2 Fox Face:Red Fox:#1/#2 grade
R-19-04-06-#3 Fox Face:Red Fox:#3 grade
R-19-04-07 Fox Face:Silver Fox
R-19-04-07+ Fox Face:Silver Fox:Premium (long back)
R-19-04-12 Fox Face:Marble
R-19-04-WA Fox Face:White Arctic Fox
R-19-04-WB Fox Face:White Blush Fox
R-19-04-WS Fox Face:White Shadow Fox

Genus and species of American gray fox: Urocyon cinereoargenteus. Ranch.
Genus and species of Arctic, Blue, White Blush and White Shadow Foxes: Vulpes lagopus. Ranch.
Genus and species of Red, Crystal, Cross, Marble, Indigo and Silver foxes: Vulpes vulpes. Ranch.

None of these foxes are from endangered species.

USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA.

Product of Canada, the USA, or Finland.

Pictures of Fox Faces

See a size comparison with a soda can.

Left to Right: American Gray Fox Face Select grade, #1/#2 grade, #1/#2 grade, and #3 grade

See a size comparison with a soda can.

Left to Right: American Red Fox Face Select grade, #1/#2 grade, and #3 grade

See the underside next to a soda can.

R-19-04-05 Crystal


See the underside against a cutting mat.

R-19-04-57 Indigo

An indigo fox face is measured to be 8" long by 8" wide, and weighs 2.24 oz.

See the back view and a size comparison with a soda can


A silver fox face is measured to be 7.5" long, 9" wide and weighs 1.92 oz.

See the back and a comparison with a soda can and a close up of one fox face

R-19-04-12 Marble

A marble fox face is measured to be 8" long by 9" wide, and weighs 1.76 oz.

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