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Ermine Tails

See a size comparison of Ermine tails with a soda can and of Ermine tails with no black tip with a quarter

See a photo of several tails with no black tip

Left to Right: Ermine tails and Ermine tails with no black tips

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The ermine tails are very good quality, #1 tails. They come in four sizes. There is no bone in the tails. 

We also offer small creamy white ermine tails, measuring 2" to 3" long. These are without the black tips.                 

Order Code Description Price
R-18-20-23 Ermine Tail:2-3" Buy on
R-18-20-34 Ermine Tail:3-4"
R-18-20-45 Ermine Tail:4-5"
R-18-20-56 Ermine Tail:5-6"
Order Code Description
R-18-20-SWH Ermine Tail:Small White (No Black Tip)


Genus and species:  Mustela erminea. Wild.

Ermine are common in the United States and Canada and are not endangered.

USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA.

Product of Canada

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