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Deerskin Leather Scrap

The colors are approximate, but will give you an idea of the colors we may have.

This is 3 to 3.5 ounce deerskin leather--often called Buckskin as well.  It has a smooth side (skin side) and a rough side (suede side).  It comes in a range of colors including black, chocolate, saddle tan, buckskin and some white.
Order Code Description Price per pound
R-40-02-SCRAP Deerskin Leather Scrap:Larger Pieces (Black only) US$15.00 / lb.
R-40-LB-CRSM Deerskin Leather Scrap:Smaller Pieces US$8.00 / lb.

Genus and species:  Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

Deer are not endangered.

A U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit is required for all shipments outside the U.S.

Product of the USA or Canada

Pictures of One Pound of Scrap


Deerskin Leather Scrap:Larger Pieces

Order code: R-40-02-SCRAP

This picture shows 1 lb. of larger scrap leather pieces.

NOTE: We only have black left in stock.

Deerskin Leather Scrap:Smaller Pieces

Order code: R-40-LB-CRSM

We only have black in stock.  The picture at right does not show 1 lb. of scrap.

See a size comparion with a soda can.

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