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Deer Tails

From left to right: Red, Fluorescent Blue/Turquoise (discontinued), Yellow, Fire Orange, Natural

See the color chart below to browse all of the colors we currently offer.

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We can offer an assortment of de-boned white tail deer tails, both dyed and natural, which are great for craft projects.  These can also be used for fly-tying.  The tails are dyed right to the roots and an extra process leaves the tails very clean of dyes and natural oils.

The deer tails are approximately 6" to 9" long including the hair. The hard part of the tail is approximately 6" to 7.5" long. The hair length is 2.5" to 5" depending on the individual tail and what part of the tail the hair is being measured. Each tail weighs approximately 0.6 oz.

These are all northern buck tails.

The natural deer tails are available for sale in bulk quantities (see information and photos below).

Order Code Description Price
R-148-201 Deer Tail: Natural White Buy on
R-148-002 Deer Tail: Cream
R-148-006 Deer Tail: Yellow
R-148-013 Deer Tail: Burnt Orange 
R-148-030 Deer Tail: Gray (limited quantities left)
R-148-041 Deer Tail: Tan
R-148-042 Deer Tail: Ginger
R-148-045 Deer Tail: Root Beer
R-148-047 Deer Tail: Brown
R-148-056 Deer Tail: Red
R-148-060 Deer Tail: Light Olive 
R-148-072 Deer Tail: Green
R-148-082 Deer Tail: Blue
R-148-089 Deer Tail: Olive
R-148-092 Deer Tail: Purple
R-148-100 Deer Tail: Black
R-148-103 Deer Tail: Pink
R-148-125 Deer Tail: Pearl Gray
R-148-137 Deer Tail: Shad Gray
R-148-141 Deer Tail: Sculpin Olive
R-148-181 Deer Tail: Peach
R-148-287 Deer Tail: Lemon
R-148-333 Deer Tail: Lavender
R-148-501 Deer Tail: Fluorescent Red
R-148-502 Deer Tail: Fluorescent Yellow
R-148-503 Deer Tail:Fluorescent Orange
R-148-504 Deer Tail: Fluorescent Green
R-148-505 Deer Tail: Fire Orange
R-148-507 Deer Tail: Fluorescent Blue/Turquoise
R-148-509 Deer Tail: Fluorescent Chartreuse
R-148-510 Deer Tail: Fluorescent Pink
R-148-511 Deer Tail: Fluorescent Cerise

Genus and species: Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

Deer are not an endangered species.

A U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit is required for all shipments outside of the United States.

Product of the USA

Bulk Natural Deer Tails

The natural deer tails are available for sale in bulk quantities. Please see the photos of 20 and 100 random tails below. The photos are representative of what to expect. They are not the exact tails you will receive as they are natural products.

We weighed some random natural color tails and found that 20 tails were about 1 pound (463 grams) and 100 tails were 4.9 pounds (2,235 grams). The average weight per tail is 0.8 ounce (22.5 grams).

20 random natural deer tails

See the front view with a soda can

See the back view with a soda can

100 random natural deer tails

See the front view with a soda can

See the back view with a soda can

Color Chart

Natural White
Code: R-148-201

Code: R-148-002

Code: R-148-006

Burnt Orange
Code: R-148-013

Code: R-148-030

Code: R-148-041

Code: R-148-042

Root Beer
Code: R-148-045

Code: R-148-047

Code: R-148-056

Light Olive
Code: R-148-060

Code: R-148-072

Code: R-148-082 

Code: R-148-089

Code: R-148-092

Code: R-148-100

Code: R-148-103

Pearl Gray
Code: R-148-125

Shad Gray
Code: R-148-137

Sculpin Olive
Code: R-148-141

Code: R-148-181

Code: R-148-287

Code: R-148-333

Fluorescent Red
Code: R-148-501

Fluorescent Yellow
Code: R-148-502

Fluorescent Orange
Code: R-148-503

Fluorescent Green
Code: R-148-504

Fire Orange
Code: R-148-505

Fluorescent Blue/Turquoise
Code: R-148-507

Fluorescent Chartreuse
Code: R-148-509

Fluorescent Pink
Code: R-148-510

Fluorescent Cerise
Code: R-148-511