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Deer Hides

From left to right: Fallow and Mule Deer hides

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Axis Deer Fallow Deer Mule Deer
Red Deer Reindeer Roe Deer
White Tail Deer Sika Deer  

Axis Deer 00:00
Fallow Summer Deer 00:52, Fallow Winter Deer 01:20
Mule Deer 01:44
Red Deer Small 02:08, Red Deer Large 02:35
Reindeer XL 02:59, Reindeer XXL 03:26, Reindeer with Feet 03:46
Roe Deer 04:12
Sika Deer 04:37
White Tail Deer #1 05:04, White Tail Deer # 2 05:31