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9mm Czech Glass Crow Beads

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The 9mm Czech Glass Crow Beads are sold in bags of 100 beads that weigh 3 oz or 85 g.  The holes are 5mm wide. See color chart below for pictures and pricing.  For general information on seed beads, click HERE


Op. = Opaque Trans. = Translucent or Transparent
S/L = Silver-lined AB = Aurora Borealis
Sq. H. = Square Hole Solgel = These are beads that have undergone a special process which allows them to be dry-cleaned and also makes the color more fade-resistant than regular beads.

Made in the Czech Republic

Color Chart

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R-27801557  9mm Royal Blue Opaque

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R-27814737 9mm Turquoise Opaque

R-27814738 9mm Yellow Opaque

R-27814739  9mm Orange Opaque

R-27814741 9mm Green Opaque

R-27814742 9mm Wine Opaque No picture
R-27814744 9mm White Opaque

R-27814745 9mm Black Opaque

R-27814746 9mm Red Opaque

R-27814751 9mm Multi Opaque

R-27814778 9mm Light Brown Opaque


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