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Crow Beads


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We offer a selection of 9mm glass crow beads from India.   There are approximately 1,200 beads per box. The holes are 5mm wide.

Made in India





R-302-01 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Opaque Beige US$33.06
R-302-02 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Translucent Purple 
(very dark purple)
R-302-05 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Translucent Light Red US$33.06
R-302-06 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Translucent Red US$33.06
R-302-09 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Translucent Light Blue US$33.06
R-302-10 Glass Crow Bead:9 mm:Translucent Brown US$33.06
R-302-14 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Translucent Orange US$33.06
R-302-15 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Opaque Tan US$33.06
R-302-16 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Opaque Turquoise Green US$33.06
R-302-17 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Translucent Turquoise Green US$33.06
R-302-18 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Opaque Cobalt Blue US$33.06
R-302-19 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Translucent Cobalt Blue US$33.06
R-302-22 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Opaque Turquoise Blue US$33.06
R-302-23 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Opaque Light Purple  US$33.06
R-302-24 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Translucent Turquoise Blue US$33.06
R-302-25 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Black  US$33.06
R-302-26 Glass Crow Bead:9 mm:Opaque Off-White US$33.06
R-302-27 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Opaque Red US$33.06
R-302-29 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:White US$33.06
R-302-31 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Opaque Yellow US$33.06
R-302-32 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Translucent Hunter Green US$33.06
R-302-35 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Translucent Yellow US$33.06
R-302-39 Glass Crow Bead:Opaque Orange US$33.06
R-302-41 Glass Crow Bead:9 mm:Translucent Dark Burgundy US$33.06
R-302-MIX Glass Crow Beads:9mm:Mixed Colors US$33.06

Round Glass Crow Beads

R-302-V6 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Red   US$26.46
R-302-V10 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Black   US$26.46
R-302-V17 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:White   US$26.46
R-302-V21 Glass Crow Bead:9mm:Cobalt Blue   US$26.46

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