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Coyote Canines

Drilled coyote canines

The above picture shows a close up of a coyote canine that was drilled through the side for use in a necklace.  The teeth have been boiled to detach them from the skull and soaked in mineral oil to help prevent cracks.  The coyote canines are approximately 1.5" to 2" long from tip to tip along the outside curve.

The #1 teeth are good quality that are not cracked.

The #3 teeth have cracks that can be filled in with glue. They are not drilled.  

Order Code  Description Price Each 
R-174-400  Coyote Canine:#1   US$3.00
R-174-400D  Coyote Canine:Drilled:#1   US$4.00
R-174-490   Coyote Canine:#3:Cracked  US$1.50


Genus and species: Canis latrans.  Wild.


Product of Canada or the USA