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Butterflies and Moths

Left: Papilio demodocus; Right: Hypolimnas dexithea

These are real butterflies and moths from Madagascar.  These specimens are sold primarily for the wings and for craft-making purposes.  If you require absolutely perfect specimens with complete antennae and legs, these may not be for you.  They come as papered specimens with folded wings in paper.

Order Code Description Price
R-1253-10-01 Moth:Urania ripheus (Best Seller) US$3.15
R-1253-10-02 Moth:Antherina suraka US$18.38
R-1253-10-03 Butterfly:Charaxes antamboulou US$12.60
R-1253-10-04 Butterfly:Charaxes cacuthis US$18.38
R-1253-10-05 Butterfly:Charaxes brutus/andara US$12.60
R-1253-10-06 Butterfly:Graphium cyrnus US$12.60
R-1253-10-07 Butterfly:Papilio mangoura US$76.13
R-1253-10-08 Butterfly:Papilio demodocus US$9.45
R-1253-10-09 Butterfly:Papilio oribazus US$6.30
R-1253-10-10 Butterfly:Papilio epiphorbas US$6.30
R-1253-10-11 Butterfly:Papilio dardanus meriones US$9.45
R-1253-10-12 Butterfly:Papilio delalandei US$9.45
R-1253-10-13 Butterfly:Salamis anacardi duprei US$12.60
R-1253-10-14 Butterfly:Salamis anteva US$12.60
R-1253-10-15 Butterfly:Danaus chrysippus US$3.15
R-1253-10-16 Butterfly:Hypolimnas bolina US$12.60
R-1253-10-17 Butterfly:Hypolimnas dexithea US$18.38
R-1253-10-18 Butterfly:Melanitis leda US$4.73
R-1253-10-19 Butterfly:Precis radama US$4.73

None of these butterfly and moth species are endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of Madagascar

Butterfly and Moth Photos

Moth:Urania ripheus (Best Seller)

Order Code: R-1253-10-01

Price: US$3.15

Moth:Antherina suraka

Order Code: R-1253-10-02

Price: US$18.38

Butterfly:Charaxes antamboulou

Order Code: R-1253-10-03

Price: US$12.60

Butterfly:Charaxes cacuthis

Order Code: R-1253-10-04

Price: US$18.38

Butterfly:Charaxes brutus/andara

Order Code: R-1253-10-05

Price: US$12.60

Butterfly:Graphium cyrnus

Order Code: R-1253-10-06

Price: US$12.60

Butterfly:Papilio mangoura

Order Code: R-1253-10-07

Price: US$76.13

Butterfly:Papilio demodocus

Order Code: R-1253-10-08

Price: US$9.45

Butterfly:Papilio oribazus

Order Code: R-1253-10-09

Price: US$6.30

Butterfly:Papilio epiphorbas

Order Code: R-1253-10-10

Price: US$6.30

Butterfly:Papilio dardanus meriones

Order Code: R-1253-10-11

Price: US$9.45

Butterfly:Papilio delalandei

Order Code: R-1253-10-12

Price: US$9.45

Butterfly:Salamis anacardi duprei

Order Code: R-1253-10-13

Price: US$12.60

Butterfly:Salamis anteva

Order Code: R-1253-10-14

Price: US$12.60

Butterfly:Danaus chrysippus

Order Code: R-1253-10-15

Price: US$3.15

Butterfly:Hypolimnas bolina

Order Code: R-1253-10-16

Price: US$12.60

Butterfly:Hypolimnas dexithea

Order Code: R-1253-10-17

Price: US$18.38

Butterfly:Melanitis leda

Order Code: R-1253-10-18

Price: US$4.73

Butterfly:Precis radama

Order Code: R-1253-10-19

Price: US$4.73

No picture available.

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