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Craft Buffalo Leather

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The buffalo leather is sold by the hide. Each hide is marked with its size.  The hides average between 40 square feet and 55 square feet.  We can usually select either smaller or larger hides according to your wishes.  We will not, however, cut hides to measure or select just the best hides.

These skins are full grain or top grain leather.  They are NOT just splits. The texture is rougher than deerskin or moosehide.  The skin also stretches less than deerskin. 

These are craft grade skins that have holes and/or flaws.  If you can work around these, this skin is for you. The 5 to 6 ounce skins are strong and therefore ideal for making moccasins or other crafts requiring a heavier leather.

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R-334-CR5-BU Buffalo Leather:Craft Grade:5-6 oz. Bucktan Buy on

Genus and species: Bison bison.  Ranch raised.

This is American Bison (Bison bison) leather, not water buffalo (Bubalis bubalis) from Asia. The buffalo are not killed just for the hides.  The hides are a by-product of the meat industry. Domesticated buffalo are not endangered.

Product of the USA; Tanned in Mexico

Sample Sizes

One gold buffalo skin is 47.75 sq. ft. and measures 81.5" long, 73" across the top, 80" across the middle, 89" across the bottom and weighs 9.56 lbs.

One bucktan buffalo skin is 43.75 sq. ft. and measures 78" long, 49" across the top, 68.5" across the middle, 80.5" across the bottom, and weighs 11.02 lbs.

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