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Alligator Heads

This is 6-7" alligator head.

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These are real American alligator heads. The heads have been professionally cleaned and preserved.

Our Gxx codes denote individual pieces. If you would like to order a specific alligator head, please go to our Gallery to pick the exact one shown. 

Order Code Description Approx. Size Price
R-381-10-67 Alligator Head 6-7" long and 3" wide Buy on
R-381-10-1516-Gxx Alligator Head:Gallery 15-16" long
R-381-10-1819-Gxx Alligator Head:Gallery 18-19" long

Genus and species: Alligator mississippiensis. Ranch.

American alligators in the wild are protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. All of our alligator products come from ranches and are not taken from the wild. Chichester is registered with New York state as an authorized retailer, wholesaler, and importer of alligator products.

The heads are from alligators that have been ranch-raised for food. The alligators were not killed just for their heads.

Not for export in small quantities due to CITES regulations.

Product of the USA

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