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African Porcupine Quills

Left: Assorted Regular Quills

Second Picture: Comparison of Regular vs. Ultra Thin Quills
See the thickness of a Short Quill on a ruler

Third Picture: Ultra Thin Quills

Right: B-Grade Thin and Thick Quills

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The #1 or A-grade African porcupine quills range from about 3" to over 11" long and are sorted by length.  The average quill is about 5" to 10" long.  The tips are good and they do not have any significant damage. The quills are cleaned and sterilized. These quills can be used for fishing bobbers.

The white quills are completely white or have very little black on them. The quills are cleaned and sterilized. These quills can be used for fishing bobbers.

The ultra thin quills are thicker than porcupine hair, but are thinner than most people like. The quills are cleaned and sterilized.

The B-Grade quills are a lower quality.  These quills may be bent, flattened, have broken ends, or otherwise flawed.  They tend to have a stubby end instead of a sharp point, may have a more muted brown and white coloring instead of crisp black and white, and are often not as clean as the A-grade quills. This grade is what most other firms sell as A-grades. They are sorted into thick and thin quills. The quills are cleaned and sterilized. They are ideal for cutting into small pieces or for use as is.

Order Code Description Approximate Length Approximate Thickness Price
R-184-02S African Porcupine Quills:#1:Short 3"-5" 3-6 mm Buy on
R-184-02M African Porcupine Quills:#1:Medium 5"-9" 3-6 mm
R-184-02L African Porcupine Quills:#1:Large 9"-12" 3-6 mm
R-184-02XL African Porcupine Quills:#1:XL 12"+ 3-6 mm
R-184-02UT African Porcupine Quills:#1:Ultra Thin Assorted, mostly 10"-12" under 1.5 mm
R-184-02WH African Porcupine Quills:#1:White Assorted, mostly 3"-12" 3-6 mm
R-184-02B1S African Porcupine Quills:B-Grade Thick:Small 3" - 5" 3-6 mm
R-184-02B1 African Porcupine Quills:B-Grade Thick Assorted, mostly 4.5" - 13" 3-6 mm
R-184-02B2 African Porcupine Quills:B-Grade Thin Assorted, mostly 6" - 17.5" 1.5-3 mm


Genus and species: Hystrix africaeaustralis.  Wild.

USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA.

South African porcupines are not endangered.

Product of South Africa

Gallery of Art Objects Using African Porcupine Quills

These pictures are reproduced with permission of the artist to show innovative uses of the African porcupine quills


Title: Porcupine Girl

Material: Fiberglass and quills

Artist: Vered Aharonovitch

Location: Israel

See Vered's portfolio at

See a larger image

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