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Zulu Beaded Bracelets

See a size comparison with a quarter of the Wide style and the various colors available

Left: Samples of colors available, shown by the Thin style bracelets
Middle (clockwise from the upper left): Thick, Flat, Very Thin, and Thin styles.
Right: Wide style Zulu bracelet

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These are real Zulu beaded bracelets from South Africa or the Congo made with glass beads.  They come in various colors and styles.

The Wide bracelets are 0.75" to 1" wide.

The Very Thin bracelets are approximately 7.25" long with the clasp (6" long without the clasp) and 0.25" thick. The thin bracelets are approximately 3.75" in diameter and 0.5" thick. 

The thick bracelets are approximately 3.75" in diameter and 0.75" thick. The Flat bracelets are approximately 8.25" long overall (7.25" without the clasp) and 1" wide. 

Order Code Description Price
R-680-20 Zulu Beaded Bracelets:Wide Buy on
R-680-21   Zulu Beaded Bracelets:Very Thin
R-680-22   Zulu Beaded Bracelets:Thin
R-680-23   Zulu Beaded Bracelets:Thick
R-680-24   Zulu Beaded Bracelets:Flat

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See pictures of my trip to Greenpoint Market in Cape Town.

680-20 is made in the Democratic Republic of Congo
All other bracelets are made in South Africa