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Wood Camp Kits

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Each kit comes with instructions and is ready to assemble and paint. (Paint not included.)

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Order Code  Description Price
R-469-PS01 Keel Boat Kit Buy on
R-469-PS02 Pirate Ship Kit
R-469-PS03 Catapult Kit
R-469-PS04 Ping Pong Ball Cannon Kit

Made in China

Keel Boat Kit

Order Code: R-469-PS01

The Keel Boat Kit is a replica of Lewis and Clark’s boat. Once assembled, it really sails!



Pirate Ship Kit

Order Code: R-469-PS02

The Pirate Ship Kit is fun to build and sail. When finished, it measures 7.5” x 3” x 7.5”.


Catapult Kit

Order Code: R-469-PS03

Shown here unassembled, the Catapult Kit will throw a ping pong ball 20 feet or more!


Ping Pong Ball Cannon Kit

Order Code: R-469-PS04

The Ping Pong Ball Cannon Kit teaches kids about distance, height, and accuracy and fits into Sea, Circus, Knights, and Frontier themes.  Great for competition:  see who can shoot the ball the farthest.