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California White Sage

Left: 8-9", 6-7", and 3-4" white sage bundles. See a size comparison with a soda can.

Middle: 3-4" more white sage bundles.

Right: 1 pound of loose white sage. See a size comparison with a soda can.

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California white sage comes loose or in bundles.  This sage is ideal for use in smudging ceremonies.  Sage is also a natural bug repellent, e.g. for mosquitoes and ladybugs.  Add sage to your campfire or fire pit to keep mosquitoes and bugs away. We also carry Iroquois blue sage bundles and Gray Sage.

Our white sage is grown on Native American-owned farms and assembled into bundles by the Cherokee. The loose white sage are not a native made product.

The 3" to 4" sage bundles weigh 0.5 to 0.9 oz or 16 to 26 grams each.  There are two different bundles as shown in the pictures above for the 3-4" bundles.

Some of the sage bundles are bagged with a card attached to the top of the bag. Each bundle weighs approximately 115 grams.

This item is not fit for human consumption.

Order Code Description Price
R-483-W34 White Sage Bundle:3-4" Buy on
R-483-W56 White Sage Bundle:5-6"
R-483-W67 White Sage Bundle:6-7"
R-483-W78 White Sage Bundle:7-8"
R-483-W89 White Sage Bundle:8-9"
R-483-W67B Packaged White Sage Bundle:6-7"
R-483-W89B Packaged White Sage Bundle:8-9"
R-483-WLB California White Sage:Loose

Genus and species: Salvia apiana.  Wild.

Sage Bundles are Native Made in the USA
Loose Sage is Product of the USA

More Photos

Sage bundles can be packaged with a card attached to the top of the bag.

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