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Warthog Tusks

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We have warthog tusks from South Africa.  These are sorted by size. They are measured with a tape measure on the outside curve. The tusk is hollow inside with a solid part at the tip. The longer the tusk is, the larger the solid part is. The extra-large tusks are about 3/4 solid whereas the small tusks are solid at the tips only.

These tusks will have natural marks, cracks, chips, or other flaws.

Our Gxx codes denote individual pieces. If you would like to order a specific warthog tusk, please go to our Gallery to pick the exact one shown. 

Order Code  Description   Size  Price
R-1023-SM  Warthog Tusk:Small 2" to 3" Buy on
R-1023-ME  Warthog Tusk:Medium 4" to 5"
R-1023-LG  Warthog Tusk:Large 6" to 7"
R-1023-XL  Warthog Tusk:Extra Large 8" to 9"
R-1023-JU  Warthog Tusk:Jumbo 10" to 11"
R-1023-JU-Gxx  Warthog Tusk:Jumbo:Gallery various

The average weight of the tusks is shown in the chart below.

Size Average Weight
2" to 3" 0.035 lbs
4" to 5" 0.071 lbs
6" to 7" 0.131 lbs
8" to 9" 0.237 lbs
10" to 11" 0.421 lbs

Genus and species:  Phacochoerus africanus.  Wild.

Warthog are not an endangered species or even a threatened species.  They are incredibly common in southern Africa.

USFWS export permit is required for all shipments outside the USA.

Product of South Africa