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Ultra Thin Hairpipe

Left to Right: 0.5", 1.0", and 1.5" Ultra Thin Bone Hairpipes; 1.5" Ultra Thin Horn Hairpipes

See size comparisons of the 1.5" Horn Ultra Thin hairpipes with a quarter

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The ultra thin hairpipe is about 60% to 70% of the thickness of the regular hairpipe.  Available in both black horn and white bone, it is ideal for use in making bracelets and chokers with a more delicate look. 

To make antiqued bone hairpipe, just put the hairpipe in a bowl, boil up a pot of tea, pour the tea on the hairpipe and let stand for a few minutes.  Drain the tea.  Dry the hairpipe.

The weight of one box with 1,000 mixed pieces of all sizes of the ultra thin bone hairpipes is 1 lb. 3 oz.

Order Code Description Price per Box of 100
R-125-0.5-UT Ultra Thin Bone Hairpipe:0.5 Buy on
R-125-1.0-UT Ultra Thin Bone Hairpipe:1.0
R-125-1.5-UT Ultra Thin Bone Hairpipe:1.5
R-125-2-0.5-UT* Ultra Thin Horn Hairpipe:0.5"
R-125-2-1.0-UT* Ultra Thin Horn Hairpipe:1.0"
R-125-2-1.5-UT Ultra Thin Horn Hairpipe:1.5

The following measurements are approximate. The hairpipe is handmade so there will be some variation within each size.

Size Middle Width (mm) Ends Width (mm) Weight of box of 100
0.5" 4.1 4.1 0.7 oz.
1.0" 4.2 3.9 - 4.0 1.8 oz.
1.5" 4.8 4.0 - 4.2 2.8 oz.

Genus and species: Bubalus bubalis.  Ranch raised.

Domesticated water buffalo are not endangered.

Made in India
*We have limited quantities of older stock that are Made in Vietnam

Comparison of Regular, Slim, and Ultra Thin for the 0.5", 1", and 1.5" long hairpipes:

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