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Swords, Quivers, Bows & Arrows



QUIVER + 2 Arrows:   Jute webbing 36 cm / 14.5" long quiver, beechwood arrows, supple plastic heads 4.5 cm diameter / 1 3/4" diameter, 32 cm / 13" in length.  A must for any young archer.  Not only does this quiver come with two arrows but it will hold at least 2 or 3 more.  "No one wants to run out of ammo!" The quiver has a loop so it can be hung on a belt.

Order Code:  R-700-04          Price: US$17.50



The Renaissance swords are sold out.  We only have the baldricks left in stock.


The baldrick is a great addition to role-play; when a player puts it over their shoulder they feel more in character. One sure way to prevent leaving one of these desirable toys about the neighborhood is to hang it about the body when not battling the foe. Note: this shoulder belt will take both role-play swords and those from our historic sword range.  The baldrick fits on all of the larger swords.

Order Code:  R-700-23          Price: US$6.50