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Native Sweetgrass Braids

The standard sweetgrass braids average around 24" (60 cm) and come from the Canadian prairies. The premium braids are 30"+ (75 cm+) and are thicker than the regular sweetgrass.  The sweetgrass is picked and braided by the Ojibwa or Cree.

Order Code Description Price
R-63-02-15 Packaged Sweetgrass with card
15-29" (37.5 cm - 72.5 cm)
US$15.00 each
R-63-02-30 Premium Packaged Sweetgrass with Card
30"+ (75 cm+)
US$17.50 each
R-63-03-15 Unpackaged Sweetgrass Braid
15-29" (37.5 cm - 72.5 cm)
US$11.50 each
R-63-03-30  Premium Unpackaged Sweetgrass Braid
30"+ (75 cm+)
US$13.50 each

Genus and Species: Hierochloe odorata

Native-Made Product of Canada

More Pictures

Packaged sweetgrass

Unpackaged sweetgrass

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