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Native Sweetgrass Braids and Mannagrass Braids

Left: A bundle of 10 sweetgrass braids

Right: Mannagrass Braid. See a close up of the braid and a size comparison with a soda can.

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The standard sweetgrass braids average around 24" (60 cm) and come from the Canadian prairies. The premium braids are 30"+ (75 cm+) and are thicker than the regular sweetgrass.  The sweetgrass is picked and braided by the Ojibwa. Since they are handmade, the thickness will vary from braid to braid. This item is not fit for human consumption.

Order Code Description Size Price
R-63-02-2434 Packaged Ojibwa Sweetgrass Braid with Card
24"-30" Buy on


Order Code Description Size Price
R-63-03-15 Ojibwa Sweetgrass Braid 15"-24" Buy on
R-63-03-2434 Ojibwa Sweetgrass Braid 24"-30"
R-63-03-30 Ojibwa Sweetgrass Braid 30"+


The mannagrass braids are an alternative to sweetgrass braids. The color is different and it smells grassy, not as sweet, as sweetgrass. The mannagrass is picked and braided by the Sioux Valley First Nation in Canada. It is commonly known as great manna grass, reed mannagrass, reed sweetgrass, and greater sweetgrass. This item is not fit for human consumption.

Order Code Description Size Price
R-63-30-AS Mannagrass Braid
27.5"-49" Buy on

Genus and species of Sweetgrass: Hierochloe odorata. Wild.
Genus and species of Mannagrass: Glyceria maxima. Wild.

Native-Made Product of Canada

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Packaged sweetgrass

Unpackaged sweetgrass

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