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Steer Horn


Left: Polished Steer Horn, Right: Raw Steer Horn

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The polished steer horn is ideal for making rattles, cups, and other crafts. We also offer raw/unpolished steer horn. The horns are measured along the outer curve.  They come in a variety of colors, so please specify a shade if you have a preference, e.g., black, brown, white.

We often get requests for matched sets.  The horns come in loose.  We can do our best to get horns that are as similar as possible.  This takes time to sort through the horns and we charge an extra US$11.55 per set for labor.

Order Code Description Price Each
R-304-6-9 Polished Steer Horn:6"-9"** US$40.00
R-304-10-14 Polished Steer Horn:10"-14" US$45.00
R-304-15-18 Polished Steer Horn:15"-18"** US$50.00
R-304-18-22 Polished Steer Horn:18"-22" US$65.00
R-304-23-29 Polished Steer Horn:23"-29"** US$80.00
R-304-30-35 Polished Steer Horn:30"-35"** US$90.00
R-306-6-9 Raw Steer Horn:6"-9" US$30.00
R-306-10-14 Raw Steer Horn:10"-14" US$35.00
R-306-15-18 Raw Steer Horn:15"-18" US$40.00
R-306-18-22 Raw Steer Horn:18"-22" US$60.00
R-306-23-29 Raw Steer Horn:23"-29" US$75.00
R-306-30-35 Raw Steer Horn:30"-35" US$100.00

**out of stock indefinitely

Genus & Species: Bos taurus.  Ranch.

Cows are not an endangered species.  The cows are not killed just for their horns.

Polished Steer Horns are Product of Nigeria or Mexico
Raw Steer Horns are Product of Nigeria

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