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Springbok Horns

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Springbok are a small antelope common in South Africa.

The extra large horns have a base circumference of 5" to 6", large enough to slip your fingertips into, but not your hand. They are mostly hollow.

The horns come in loose.  Due to the variation of shapes and sizes in these horns, we cannot sort for matched sets.

Order Code  Description   Sizes are approximate Price
R-1025-SM  Springbok Horn:Small ~4.5"-6" Buy on
R-1025-ME Springbok Horn:Medium ~6" to 9"
R-1025-LG  Springbok Horn:Large ~9" to 12"
R-1025-XL  Springbok Horn:Extra Large ~12" or more
R-1025-XL-Gxx Springbok Horn:Extra Large:Gallery ~12" or more

Genus and species:  Antidorcas marsupialis.  Wild.

Springbok are not an endangered species.

Not for export to Japan.  Not for export to Canada as they may be problems clearing them through the CFIA.

Product of South Africa