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Striped Skunk Skins

From Left to Right: Craft, Trading Post, and Large skunk skins.

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We offer tanned skunk skins in a range of grades as described below.  Not all grades are available at any given time.  Please call for availability. Please note these are not appropriate for taxidermy as they have no lower face.

The skunk skin with feet are good quality skins with feet attached.  There is limited availability.

The premium skunk skins have heavier, nicer fur with clear white stripes.

The large skunk skins are nice quality skins with clear white stripes.

The trading post skunk skins are medium size skins with a good body and decent face and tail.  They have a yellowish tint.

The craft skunk skins are damaged or all black (no stripe).  They may or may not have heads.  R-54-CR have tails while R-54-CRNT do not have tails.  They are ideal for making sides of hats.

The quick tan skunk skins are washed but not tanned.  They are very stiff skins with good hair but no tails.  They are approximately 21.5" long, 9.5" wide, and weigh 0.24 pounds.

Order Code Description Price
R-54-WF Skunk Skin with Feet Buy on
R-54-PR Skunk Skin:Premium
R-54-L Skunk Skin:Large
R-54-TP-AS Skunk Skin:Trading Post
R-54-TP-Gxx Skunk Skin:Trading Post:Gallery
R-54-CR Skunk Skin:Craft
R-54-CRNT Skunk Skin:Craft:No Tail
R-54-QT Skunk Skin:Quick Tan:No Tail


Genus and species: Mephitis mephitis. Wild.


Striped skunks are not an endangered species.


A U.S. Fish & Wildlife export permit is needed for all shipments outside of the U.S.


Product of the USA or Canada

Pictures of Skunk Skins

From Left to Right: Craft, Trading Post, and Large skunk skins.

See the back side and a size comparison with a soda can.

Quick Tan with No Tail.

See a size comparison of the skin with a soda can

Craft Skunk skin with No Tail


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