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Paul Crosby

Paul Crosby

Products We are Actively Looking to Buy

Angora Pelts

We are looking for hair-on mohair pelts to tan for resale in the U.S.

I attended a Mohair Exhibition where farmers brought their breeding stock to sell.

I was told that the breeding stock has the best pelts as the animals have been coddled and the hair allowed to grow out.  If an animal does not sell at the fair, it is only worth its meat value and mohair value.  This is my ideal animal.

What I am looking for are pelts where the hair has NOT been clipped.  I need 8 cm to 10 cm hair at a minimum, ideally with nice curls.  In my fantasy life, I envision even longer hair.

What I have found is that many farmers simply cannot comprehend leaving the hair on the pelt, but seem to insist on clipping it before killing the animal.  It strikes me as odd that they cannot simply charge the value of the mohair that is left on the skin as part of the pelt price.

Pelts with 1 cm or 2 cm hair are useless to us.

Ideally, I would buy the angora pelts already tanned, but we can arrange to tan them either in South Africa, Hungary, or the U.S. if we can find the right pelts.

We typically buy 50 to 100 at a time to ensure quality control, but can buy more if needed.

Right now, we buy pelts from Argentina, but they rarely are as nice as I want.

I did find wonderful sources in the Caucuses in southern Russia (big, long curls, lovely), but Russia's invasion of Ukraine stopped that trade.