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Tanned Salmon Skins

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We work with a tannery in Canada that tans salmon skins.  We only sell full skins.  The skins measure 19 - 23" (48 - 58 cm) long and 3 - 5" (8 - 12 cm) wide.  These skins are "with scale".  There is no tail or head.  Please allow three to four weeks for delivery for skins not currently in stock. 

Order Code  Description  Price per skin
R-870-2N Salmon Skin:Natural US$35.00 
R-870-2F01 Salmon Skin:Dyed Light Red US$40.00 
R-870-2F02 Salmon Skin:Dyed Dark Red US$40.00
R-870-2F03  Salmon Skin:Dyed Orange US$40.00
R-870-2F04 Salmon Skin:Dyed Dark Pink US$40.00
R-870-2F05  Salmon Skin:Dyed Tan US$40.00 
R-870-2F06 Salmon Skin:Dyed Brown  US$40.00
R-870-2F07 Salmon Skin:Dyed Green  US$40.00
R-870-2F08 Salmon Skin:Dyed Blue  US$40.00
R-870-2F09 Salmon Skin:Dyed White  US$40.00
R-870-2F09M Salmon Skin:Dyed White Matte  US$40.00
R-870-2F10 Salmon Skin:Dyed Mauve US$40.00
R-870-2F10M Salmon Skin:Dyed Mauve Matte  US$40.00
R-870-2F11 Salmon Skin:Dyed Dark Gray US$40.00
R-870-2F12 Salmon Skin:Dyed Black  US$40.00
R-870-2F13 Salmon Skin:Dyed Light Green  US$40.00

Genus and species: Salmo salar.

Salmon are not an endangered species.  The skins are a by-product of the fishing industry in Canada.  The salmon have not been killed just for the skin.

Product of Canada

Salmon Skin Pictures

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Salmon Skin Color Chart


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Natural Salmon Skins