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Rattlesnake Rattles

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We have a source for Texas western diamondback rattlesnake rattles on a seasonal basis.  These are #1 quality rattles from south Texas.  For size, we count each fully formed button.  The size in inches is for reference and is approximate.  The jumbo and trophy rattles are rare and in limited supply. The rattles are de-cored and treated with antiseptics.

Please note that these are natural, not manufactured products. While on the rattlesnake, the rattle can be dragged along sand and rocks as the rattlesnake slides around the desert. As such, please understand that sometimes a few buttons can be cracked or broken.​

Many of our musician customers place these rattles inside their instruments to “sing along” with their music and to keep spiders (and other pests) out of the cavity.

"The rattle is a series of dry segments formed of a material that resembles human fingernails. When the rattle shakes its tail, the result is a distinctive buzz that affects the human nervous system strangely, causing a sense of alarm even in people who have no idea what they're hearing. Scientists think this noisemaker evolved as a way for the snake to warn off bison and other large animals that might trample it." From The Book of Deadly Animals by Gordon Grice.

"Western diamondback rattlesnakes grow to more than seven feet long and 30 pounds, and they kill more human beings than any other snake in North America." From The Book of Deadly Animals by Gordon Grice.

Our Gxx codes denote individual pieces. If you would like to order a specific rattle, please go to our Gallery to pick the exact one shown. 

Order Code Description Buttons Size Price
R-598-R1-S Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:Small 3-5 Less than 1.75" Buy on
R-598-R1-M Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:Medium Out of stock 6-8 1.75" to 2"
R-598-R1-L Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:Large Out of stock 9-11 2" to 2.25"
R-598-R1-XL Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:XL 12-13 2.25" to 2.75"
R-598-R1-J Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:Jumbo 14+ 2.75" or more
R-598-R1-Gxx Rattlesnake Rattle:#1:Trophy 14+ 2.75" or more

None of our rattlesnakes products come from California or Oregon.

Genus and species: Crotalus atrox. Wild.

Texas Western diamondback rattlesnakes are not endangered. 

A U.S. Fish & Wildlife permit is required for shipments outside of the United States.

Product of the USA

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